Competition Results

Event Date Event Name Result Details
13th May, 2020STABLEFORDWe’re Back. Wednesday at the first opportunity the members were out there, 21 played and the winner was Jesper Hansen (8) with 34 points from Gordon Stevens (16) with 32 points. The winner of the ladies competition was Robyn MacRae (26) with 37 points. Balls went to Terry Gamble, Jason Coley and Peter Kewniuk.
17th May, 2020STABLEFORDSaturday there were 39 players, the A grade winner was Ross martin (12) with 39 points from Terry Gamble (10) with 34 points, B grade winner was Louis Thompson (33) with 40 points from Peter Walsh (15) with 37 points. The winner of the ladies competition was Denise Murphy (15) with 30 points. Balls went to Terry Kot, Rob Waters, David Moore, M. Hodgekiss, Jonah Harris, Jesper Hansen, Damien Summers and Tim Kirk. Because of the regulations that come with the Corona Virus, members please remember to book your start time with Jenny Kerr (Secretary) or Jesper Hansen (Captain), this way we can control who and when and how many can go and play golf safely, we need to all hit off the first tee then there is no confusion where to start. Congratulations to Hayden and his band of helpers in getting/keeping the course in such great shape, the fairways are really great, the greens a little faster than usual. Be wary of the grass on the 18th green, there is a wasps nest there so take care. The bunkers are GUR (terrific), and the flag is to be left in the hole, if it’s necessary to remove it please use your gloved hand. Jenny’s phone number is 0438 628668 Jesper’s phone number is 0418 590241
23rd May, 2020STABLEFORDSaturday saw a field of 43, A grade winner was Jonah Harris (3) with 39 points from Terry Gamble (10) with 34 points, B grade winner was Ross Foreman (12) with 34 points from Ross Martin (11) with 33 points and C grade winner was Jing Biscocho (20) with 31 points from Mark Russell (18) with 30 points. Ladies winner was Robyn MacRae (28) with 31 points. Balls went to Ivan Smolic, Tim Kirk, Glenn Cook, T. Buhargia, Norm Cue and Jesper Hansen. Any members who wish to be a member of the Kyneton Golf Club on Facebook, just go to page, ask to join and Norm Cue will accept.
20th May, 2020STABLEFORDWednesday was a stableford event of the day. Winner was Tony Dibella (9) with 31 points from Ross Foreman (12) with 30 points. Balls went to Norm Cue, Noel Alldis and Gordon Stevens.